Frequently Asked Questions

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What's 48hr? is a digital asset auction platform for .com domains, fully denominated in Bitcoin.
Our mission is to make auctions flawlessly efficient for buyers and sellers.

Bitcoin Deposits

Can I deposit anytime?

Yes, you can deposit Bitcoin at any point. Before or during an auction. Please ensure to correctly calculate the necessary Satoshis (Sats) per byte when sending your transaction.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept bitcoin for all payments. Payments are processed through Zife. No US dollar or any fiat currency is accepted.

How can I make a deposit?

To deposit Bitcoin into your 48hr balance, send the amount you want to the deposit address linked to your account (Visible under the "Wallet" tab from your dashboard)

How can I withdraw my funds from 48HR?

To withdraw your Bitcoin from your wallet, please request it from your dashboard under "Wallet".

What if I don't have any Bitcoin?

We recommend (our partner link, we appreciate your support.)
You can email support with proof of purchase from Swan Bitcoin if your bitcoin purchase is pending.
For purchases worldwide we recommend, a P2P market with local exchange prices.


What domains can I list and sell at 48HR?

Only non-expired .COM domains.

How can I prove ownership of my domain after submitting a listing request?

Please go to your registrar account, inside of the Name Servers option you must add your unique Name Servers, found inside the Listing page. This verification nameserver will not break or otherwise dirsupt your current parking page.

Do I have to remove the domain from other marketplaces before listing it on 48HR?

It is recommended that you remove the domain from all marketplaces before listing it for auction, every auction must be delivered as promised or risk a permanent ban from the service if you fail to deliver.

Can I sell expired domains on 48HR?

No, only active domains that can be transferred are acceptable.

Can I promote my auction listing page anywhere?

Yes, as long as you don’t spam social media aggressively or send unsolicited SPAM via Email. To report abuse please use our support channel.

Listing Information

How long does an auction last?

All auctions last exactly 48 hours, no time extensions are granted.

Can I remove my domain from auction once the auction begins?

No, auctions cannot be stopped while in progress.

What if I don’t want to deliver my domain after it sells?

You will be invited off the platform permanently, no warnings.

Can I add a reserve to my domain auction?

No, you can only set your starting price.

Can I pick the starting price of my auction?

Yes, you can pick between 0.0001BTC to 2BTC initial starting price for your auction.

Can I list a premium domain with a higher starting price, above 2BTC?

Yes, it is limited to a select group of domains (2%) premium and it must be manually approved.


Can I bid on my own domains, or have a friend/colleague/neighbor/buddy/chief/etc bid on my names for me?

Absolutely not. Shill bidding will be put in public display.

Do I have to submit identity information to bid or sell at 48hr?

We do not require personally identifiable information to utilize our services.

Can I request a cash out of my account funds after I deposit?

Yes, you can request your bitcoin be returned at any point, unless the bitcoin are encumbered in an active bid, inside an active auction.

Do I need to have Bitcoin before bidding?

We verify all bidders own at least some bitcoin and have readily available funds to complete their bids.


Do you collect taxes for me or submit them on my behalf if I sell a domain?

No, you are personally responsible for your paying your tax liability according to your local laws.

Who can list a domain at 48hr?

Anyone can list a domain at 48hr, however we like to get to know our best users on both seller and buyer side, don’t be surprised if we make your acquaintance.

Do I have to transfer the domain to 48HR before an auction begins?

Not in every case, for hyper-premium listings, yes.

Can I sell a domain that is not mine on 48hr?

No, you cannot sell a domain that you do not personally own or have explicit authority to sell. We will verify previous ownership records, call prior owners, and ensure the domain listed is not disputed or encumbered in any way.

Do my domains need to be at a particular registrar to be listed on 48hr?

No, you can list any domain from any registrar. However, Domain pushes are accepted at a few registrars only.

How can I receive payment for my sold domains?

You will receive payouts on automatically, from which you will be able to use on the Zife network or send to your Bitcoin wallet. You may also use your proceeds back on at no fee.

What currency do you denominate all sales in?

Bitcoin. We do not pay or receive US dollars or any state-backed currency (FIAT.)

Can I request a WIRE or ACH transfer to my bank?

No, we do not pay with state-backed FIAT currencies of any kind. Only bitcoin can be dispensed for all sellers.

General Questions

Why do you only accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is fast and secure. We don’t have to trust you personally to accept your payment or send you one. We believe Bitcoin is a powerful force of economic truth that should be harnessed to it’s fullest potential. By working only within the confines of Bitcoin as a means of denomination, we can explore our true abilities as domain professionals to deliver assets quickly and securely.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, backed by almost 12,000 node operators and millions of miners. Those nodes help secure a ledger, or an account of who owns which coins and why. Bitcoin allows anyone to receive liquid value instantly and without permission from a central authority. We chose bitcoin for it’s speed and agility, mimicking the features of domain names as digital assets.

Do I need to live in the US to use 48HR?

No, we do not discriminate against any country or nationality. All are welcome to participate voluntarily.

What happens if I can’t pay or don’t want to pay for an auction?

Your account will be restricted and on a case-by-case basis, more actions could follow. When participating to an auction, you agree to pay if you win.

Can I please come back to bid after I failed to pay for an auction?

You must pay restitution to the seller of the auction you failed to pay at any point to regain your bidding abilities.

What happens if there is high volatility in the price of Bitcoin during an auction?

Given our measure of value is purely denominated in bitcoin, we cannot account for high price volatility, We strongly urge you to bid only what you consider to be fair by taking into account the possibility of a higher cost to purchase bitcoin in the open market by owning bitcoin or depositing it prior to auction start.


Auctions last only 48hrs.
Auctions will have no-reserve.
No proxy bids are available. All bids are real and live bids.
Bitcoin is the only currency we accept from buyers and pay to sellers.
Only .COM domains can be submitted to auction.
No time extensions will be added to any auction for any reason.
All bidders must show proof of bitcoin funds before bidding.